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Breyer Animal Creations started out in 1950 as Breyer Molding Company based out of Chicago Illinois. Their first model horse was the #57 Western Horse specially made for F.W. Woolworth Company to be used as an accompaniment to a mantelpiece clock. The horses made were so overpowering with beauty and intricate detail that people wanted to buy just the horses without the clock. This changed Breyers motivation and direction on business.

In 1984 Breyer was bought by Reeves International and is still run by Reeves today.

Interesting Facts About Breyer Horses:

  • Each model horse begins as an artist sculpture. They are then handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes. From start to finish, an average of 20 artists handle each Breyer model, completely made by hand, no machines. Since each horse is made by hand, there are no two horses that are identical.
  • Breyer is best known for their realistic quality and authenticity of each model horse.
  • Breyer publishes a bi-monthly publication called Just About Horses (JAH) which has a Collectors Club and hosts BreyerFest, the largest model horse festival each year.
  • Breyer makes over 300 unique horses, animals and accessories each year including anything from porcelains to plush.

Shown below are: Jolly Jingle Plush Horse, "Blue Roan" Rearing Appaloosa, Deluxe Two-Stall Horse Barn and Wind Dancer - Sumatra. To the upper right is the Sonador Plush Stick Horse with Sounds.

Horse Breeds

  • American Saddlebred
  • Bred for saddleseat riding as well as hunting, jumping, parade mounts and barrel racing.
  • American Quarter Horse
  • Bred for sprinting short distances.
  • Andalusian Horse
  • One of the purest breeds of horses today. Used by Kings for many centuries. Bred for cattle work, bullfighting and show jumping. This breed is extremely smart and learns quickly.
  • Anglo-Arabian
  • A cross between a Thoroughbred and an Arabian horse, used for the military, sport riding and general riding. Excels in eventing.
  • Appaloosa
  • This breed has several distinct patterns of spots and there are several different body types.
  • Arabian
  • Mainly bred for equestrian purposes, the Arabian horse has a reputation for intelligence, high spirit, and outstanding stamina.
  • Barb
  • The Barb is a desert horse and is known for its temperament.
  • Belgian
  • One of the strongest and heaviest breeds. Used mainly as a work horse.
  • Byelorussian Harness

Breyer Movie Horses

  • Seabiscuit

  • 2003, Directed by Gary Ross. Based on a true story, three men come together to bring an undersized racehorse to victory earning him Horse of the Year in 1938.

  • Flicka

  • 2006, Directed by Michael Mayer. A young woman takes on a wild horse in order to prove to her father that she is capable of one day taking over the family ranch.

  • Hidalgo

  • 2004, Directed by Joe Johnston. Set in the year 1890, a Pony Express courier travels to Arabia to compete with his horse for prizes, that takes him on an adventure around the world.

  • The Black Stallion

  • 1979, Directed by Carroll Ballard. While traveling on a ship with his father, a young boy befriends a mysterious stallion that is brought aboard. When the boat tragically sinks, the boy and horse are the only survivors. Once found, the boy meets a trainer and they train the stallion to race against the fastest horses in the world.

  • Black Beauty

  • 1994, Directed by Caroline Thompson. As Black Beauty narrates the circle of his life, the fates of horses and the people who own them are revealed.

  • Sonador from Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

  • 2005, Directed by John Gatins. The rescue and rehabilitation of a race horse with a broken leg.

  • Silver from The Lone Ranger

  • 1956, Directed by Stuart Heisler. A man tries to mine on Indian land, a mountain that is sacred to the Indians.

  • Spirit Mustang from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

  • 2002, Directed by Kelly Asbury & Lorna Cook. As a wild stallion travels across the Old West he finds true love with a mare and befriends a young human.
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