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Nachtmann Crystal

Nachtmann has been around for over 170 years. Nachtmann prides themselves on the unique brilliance, lasting tone and the bearing weight of their lead crystals.

Nachtmann was founded in 1834 by glassmaker Michael Nachtmann. The company was originally named F.X. Nachtmann.

In 1900, Zacharias Frank took over the company and moved headquarters to Neustadt an der Waldnaab, where they are still located today.

In 1907, Frank aquired the Riedlhutte glass factory. In 1920, they expanded the Riedlhutte location and set up a new plant in Amberg.

In 1945, nachtmann rebuilds the partially destroyed production facilities and begins production of lead crystal in Neustadt and Riedlhutte.

In 1969, the company is renamed F.X. Nachtmann Bleikristallwerke KG.

In 1983, Nachtmann layed the foundation for their third crystal plant in Weiden.

In 1990, Anton Frank, Senior manager, died after more than 50 years of service with Nachtmann. Frank made Nachtmann one of the largest and most modern crystal companies in Germany.

In 2001, Nachtmann was certified as an environmentally safe company.

In 2004, Riedel Glass took over Natchtmann Crystal.

Nachtmann is committed to excellence with the highest of standards, the finest raw materials, and environmentally safe technology. The results are flawless perfection!

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