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Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester was founded in 1751 by 15 men. Two of the men, Dr. John Wall and William Davis developed a method for producing porcelain. After aquiring 4,500 pounds from the partnership, Wall and Davis were able to build a porcelain factory in Worcester.

In 1754, they opened their first company showroom in Aldersgate Street, London.

In 1756, Robert Hancock entertained the idea of printing on porcelain at Worcester.

In 1970, Worcester made the first Royal dinnerware for George III's brother, the Duke of Gloucester.

In 1774, Dr. Wall retired, leaving Davis in charge of the factory.

The factory was sold in 1783 to Thomas Flight who bought it for his sons, Joseph & John.

In 1788, because of King George III's advice, Worcester opened up the most prestigious shop on Coventry Street, run by Joseph Flight. Then in 1789, King George III awarded Worcester with its first Royal Warrant, and allowing them to use the words, 'Manufacturers to their Majesties'.

Today, many beautiful, elegant and one-of-a-kind pieces are found in the Worcester Porcelain Museum, with collections dating back to 1751.

In 1840, rivals, Chamberlain and Flight & Barr merge to form one company, leaving the name Royal Worcester.

Today, Royal Worcester is one of the top leading manufacturers of porcelain.

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