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WMF was founded in 1853 by Daniel Straub and the Schweizer brothers, originally named Metallwarenfabrik Straub & Schweizer.

In 1862, the new company won its first award at the World Exhibition in London.

In 1866, the Schweizer brothers left the company and the company was re-named Straub & Sohn.

In Berlin in 1868, the company built their first showroom which turned into their first retail outlet.

By 1880, Straub & Sohn was producing over 960 items. During this time, Straub & Sohn merged with Ritter & Co. to form WMF.

In 1883, WMF started producing glass.

In 1887, WMF started a Welfare Association to help workers of WMF with housing, food and insurance.

In 1892, WMF developed a special technique for silverplating cutlery, known today as the "Perfect Hard Silverplating" technique.

By 1900, WMF became an International company.

In 1925, WMF came out with decorative art which even though was mass produced, looked hand crafted.

In 1927, WMF started producing metal which today is called 18/10 stainless steel.

In 1935, WMF opened up a ceramic workshop, focussing less on turnover and more on creative design.

At the end of the war, around 1945, WMF lost all their foreign assests. They began to rebuild and reconnect. Soon they had subsidiaries in the USA, Holland, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Italy.

In 1970, WMF started producing blades for kitchen knives.

WMF opened their first computerized warehouse and distribution center in 1977.

WMF went online in 2000.

In 2003, WMF celebrated its 150th birthday, growing from a small company to employing over 5,500.

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