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Serve Up Your Best This Christmas

December Table Setting—Save Over $200!

Spode Christmas Tree 12-Piece Dinnerware Set
The celebrated Spode Christmas tree is featured on each item in this 12-piece dinner set, which includes:

Four 10" dinner plates
Four 8" salad plates
Four 9-oz. mugs

Add the set to your Christmas collection today!

Sale Price: $99.99. You Save $220.01 Beat that!

Musical Christmas

Ahh, the sound of the holidays! Caroler's joyful voices fill the air with stirring melodies. Busy Christmas shoppers stop to listen, or perhaps they even sing along. Often, the hustle and bustle of finding those last gifts is forgotten completely as shoppers experience one of the greatest joys of the season—the songs! Lyrics that are imprinted on our memories easily surface; and before we know it, we too are singing Christmas carols.

To be sure, Christmas music abounds everywhere at this most giving, most joyful, most loving, most merry of holidays. Large choirs perform resounding cantatas in magnificent cathedrals that are decorated with garland. Professional musicians join in all the fun by performing in theaters and music halls. Even school children give mini-concerts in shopping malls and small theaters. Children and adult delight entire neighborhoods as they go “Christmas caroling,” braving the cold to sing the songs of Christmas in front of each house. Ti's the time for caroling! Don't you want to join in all of the excitement?

Caroling has an interesting past that binds us to this spirited tradition. In fact, the world “carol” once was associated with dance and open air. Later, it came to mean a joyful, religious song, but still caroling is associated with the outdoors. And, today non-religious Christmas songs are often referred to as “Christmas carols.” Whatever they are called, singing Christmas Carols is fun! We don't need too much of an excuse to lift our voices in expression of our holiday jubilation.

Today more than ever, carols are associated with open air. Originating in Europe, the custom of house to house caroling is popular in America. The tradition of rewarding carolers with nuts, raisins, cookies, or candied has its origin in England many, many years ago. If you are part of a group of carolers, perhaps your group will get lucky and receive a treat for your efforts. Most important, caroling allows you to share the holiday spirit with those in your neighborhood.

In celebration of both music and the holidays, proudly offers some musical items to help you and yours celebrate the season with song. We have everything from heirloom quality music boxes to musical centerpieces. If you or somebody you know goes crazy for Christmas music, then consider giving her or him any of the following items:

Celebrate the holiday season with the gift of music!

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Prestige Christmas Tree Grove Collection by Spode

Good news for those people who collect Spode's famous Christmas Tree Pattern--Spode now has expanded their collection! The Christmas Tree pattern was introduced in 1937; the traditional pattern pioneered an unprecedented popularity in holiday tableware. In fact, the Christmas Tree has expanded over the years to included everything from stemware to ornaments. Now, Spode's exclusive Prestige, collection is happy to introduce Christmas Tree Grove collection.

To describe, Christmas Tree Grove is a very special holiday pattern that incorporates the famous Spode Christmas Tree design with a new, a multi-colored traditional, floral border. The affect is colorful and heartwarming. The border includes sculpted holly leaves and pierced holiday motifs, adding a little more holiday spirit to your tabletop than Spode's original Christmas tree pattern does. The Christmas Tree Grove is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind pattern that will enliven your table with color, tradition, and personality.

Spode's success is a testament to the quality of products they produce. In fact, England's oldest pottery company is still located at its original site, in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries. For over 200 years, Spode's craftsmen have been designing and manufacturing some of the finest ceramics ever produced. Josiah Spode's reputation, in fact, was initially secured in the 18th century by the perfection of under glaze printing on earthenware from hand-engraved copper plates. These designs have now become some of the most collectible and sought after in the history of ceramics.

Because Spode has such a rich history and timeless style, they continue to set the standard for Christmas dinnerware patterns. We at know many of our customers love the Christmas Tree Collection, so we are proud to offer you the Christmas Tree Grove collection. Our selection includes Christmas Tree Grove's square salad bowls, tea cups, the centerpiece bowls, dessert bowls, gadroon platters, and five piece place settings. If we don't have it, we will get it for you.

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New! Lenox's Judaic Collection

If your family celebrates Chanukkah, which is also known as the Jewish festival of rededication, then you will be delighted to learn that, has just added pieces from Lenox's Judaica Collection to our inventory. Because of the high standard that Lenox is known for, we at are sure that you will enjoy these pieces for both their beauty and practicality.

Lenox has a long history and an unsurpassed reputation. Walter Scott Lenox, the founder of Lenox, was a man who loved his craft and had a passion for life. For this reason, he devoted his life to creating porcelain that compared with the best in the world. Since 1889, the vision of Walter Scott Lenox has guided the company he founded to set the highest standards for artistry, quality, and beauty. Today, Lenox is among the world's oldest and most respected names in fine tableware and gift ware. In fact, Lenox is displayed in museums, enjoyed in homes across America, favored by presidents, and honored with awards.

Flourishing in its second century, the the Lenox company has never lost sight of Walter Scott Lenox's original vision. In fact, Lenox has come full circle, with artistic pieces for the table, the home and all gift-giving occasions. Lenox gifts are given with great pride and received with sincere gratitude—Lenox means quality. For this reason, Lenox has earned the distinction as "Gifts That Celebrate Life."

Because we at are confident that Lenox provides prestigious gifts and tableware that are a source of pleasure, we enthusiastically introduce the Judaic, or Judacia, Collection that includes everything from “Tree of Life” bookmarks to L'Chaim Menorahs. Whatever you need to celebrate Chanukkah, you will find it on our website. Most important, is confident that you and yours will appreciate Lenox's high quality and aesthetic beauty, and we look forward to receiving feedback and comments-- To life!

L'Chaim Menorah As we all know, the menorah is one of the most important and oldest symbols of the Jewish faith. This beautiful menorah features nine branches in celebration of Chanukah. Each candle burnt on it represents each night of Chanukah and one, the central candle that is known as the shamash, is meant to light the others. The base of this metal, ivory-colored menorah features vines of red, yellow, and blue flowers that brackets "shalom," which is the Hebrew word for peace. The intricate branches boasts curves that resemble both hearts and waves--a nice, symbolic touch. The highest branch features a dove, holding the last of the candles with rich symbolism. Truly a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime, this hankiyah or Chanukah menorah will encourage meditation, spiritual growth, and perseverance.

The oval L'Chaim Hallah Plate celebrates life with beautiful colors and rich symbolism. As you know, the Hallah bread expresses the wish that the family's prayers will rise to heaven, and it is usually used at Friday night's Sabbath dinner. Such an important loaf is deserving of a beautiful plate. With this idea in mind, this ivory china plate boasts boasts a floral pattern that includes horns, trumpets, drums, cymbals and other musical instruments. In the center of the plate, the Hebrew phrase written in the middle of the plate captures this sentiment. Made from high quality fine china, the Hallah plate is of heirloom quality and is accented with 24 karat gold. Without a doubt, this sixteen inch, oval Hallah plate will be appreciated for many years to come. Without a doubt, this large plate is so beautiful, you will want every day to be a Hallah day!

Honor and celebrate the Sabbath and Hebrew holidays with this fine, ivory china Kiddush Cup. The Kiddush is recited while holding a cup of wine or grape juice, indicating the beginning of the Sabbath or any other Hebrew festival; and it is also said at mealtimes as a toast to life. This special features a pedestal that is accented with 24 karat gold. The cup rises up to the bowl of the cup, which features leafy designs in front of crosshatching. To be sure, this Kiddush cup makes a elegant and thoughtful gift that will be used for a lifetime of taosting.

Work Cited “Lenox History.” Lenox Website (29 Nov. 2004) Retrieved from the World Wide Web:

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Christmas Decorating

Family and friends are coming over this holiday season, and you want your house to reflect your warm, holiday spirit. With this idea in mind, these suggestions will help you decorate so that all your guests feel festive and welcome. A good rule of thumb in creating a holiday ambiance is to repeat certain colors over and over, such as: forest green, midnight blue, ruby red, or snow white. As always, pre-planning helps save time and unneeded stress; in other words, the sooner you start, the better. Without further ado, the following tips will have your house looking like you have been waiting all year long for old St. Nick's visit!
  1. Display your holiday greeting cards with a little style. Too add dimension to your card display, turn a couple of bowls upside down on a mantle or coffee table, and display your favorite Christmas cards atop the bowls and surrounding them. Denby's White Trace Soup/Cereal Bowl is the perfect size for this project and adds dimension to your table. Simple and white, they work well to enhance the beauty of your cards, not distract attention from them. And, when you are finished using Denby's White Trace Soup bowls as Christmas props, their simple design allows you to use them year-round.
  2. Spice up your kitchen table by placing a Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker Set on it. has many salt and pepper sets for you to select from that celebrate Christmas. For instance, Figi's Santa and Reindeer Salt and Pepper Shakers will flavor your meal as it warms your heart. Sure to brighten up your Christmas table, this set also makes a cute Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer.
  3. Add a little spirit to your potted plants by displaying ornaments on their leaves and branches. To be sure, ornaments look great on potted plants, as well as your Christmas tree. Try hanging Baldwin Ornaments on your potted plants, and enjoy their unique and festive style. Each Baldwin ornament has been hand crafted from the finest solid brass and finished in 24-Karat gold and/or glistening silver plate. Baldwin ornaments are beautiful and elegant--give your greenery a little holiday boost!
  4. Add a little more festivity to you home by filling a silver bowl with candy canes. To be sure, one of the greatest Christmas treats are candy canes. For this project, almost any bowl will work; but if you are looking for something extra nice, then consider the medium Revere Bowl bowl. This silver plated, medium serving bowl was created by Godinger in conjunction with Paul ReJudaicavere Silversmiths. It is plated in fine quality silver and boasts a brilliant shine. The bowl has a diameter of 8" and is 4" high, which is ideal for holding candy canes. Display the bowl on your coffee table, end table, or any place else you think that it looks great and adds color.

    Nothing is more welcoming than a home decorated for the season!

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Champagne, Champagne, Champagne

Champagne screams, "Special occasion!" With this idea in mind, what better special occasion than the holidays? This year, pop a bottle of bubbly and raise your glasses in appreciation of family and friends. has a few suggestions to help you and yours toast the holidays in style.

Recommended Champagne Flutes

It is no surprise that tulip Shaped glasses holds champagne's fizz the best. All the same, you may want your flutes to have a little holiday flare. For this reason, has chosen three flutes that you and yours are sure to love. Not only to they enhance the flavors of bubbly, but these flutes also do it will sytle.

Delicate, tall and definitely in style, the Stiletto Champagne Flutes by Vera Wang will enhance a contemporary tablesettings and infuse holiday gatherings with an air of flamboyancy. Slender like a dagger, each flute of this set of four is hand blown and opens up like fragile flower from a thin, pointy stem. The name says it all, Stiletto.

For an intimate Christmas toast, consider sipping from Arctic Lights Platinum Fluted Champagne Glasses. This set of two is ready to elevate your evenings to new heights as it captivates your sweetheart's full attention. The intricate cuts and sleek lines of these elaborately designed flutes stand ready to make a dramatic presentation. The crystal glass is accented by vertical cuts in alternating lengths, thereby, capturing light like a prism—a little bit like seeing the Arctic lights. And, the elegance of the platinum rim only enhances the intricate cuts and exuberant curves of this luxurious stem.

Foods that Pair Nicely with the Bubbly

The taste of champagne brings fun, people, and food together. Best of all, champagnes are versatile, so they pair with everything from eggs to semi-sweet desserts. Depending on your bubbly of choice and your food preference, you many consider spicy foods, aged cheeses, caviar, popcorn, nuts, pasta, chopped onions, Melba toast, Asian foods, mushrooms, deep fried foods, oysters on the half shell—well, the list goes on and on.

  • Rose pairs nicely with poultry
  • Italian Asti is best paired with sweet desserts
  • Pair a dry brut or blanc de blancs with Sushi.
  • Champagne doesn't pair nicely with tomatoes.

Buying Bubbly

And, what would a Christmas dinner be without a toast? For flutes, we choose Spode's Christmas Tree Champagne Flutes. These Christmas Tree Champagne Flutes will add punch and glamor to your holiday festivities while keeping the fizz in your champagne. A wonderful new addition to the Spode family, this set of four eight inch flutes beckon for a nice bottle of French Champagne. Each glass is trimmed in 22 karat gold for added sparkle.

Champagnes can range from sweet to dry and from good to bad. In the United States, champagne refers specifically to a sparkling wine and isn't considered to be a true Champagne. The real stuff can be found in France. In France, Champagne refers to a specific region, and French Champagnes are considered the best Champagnes available, because they are naturally carbonated. In respect of the French, other countries call their sparkling wines a different name to cause less confusion with consumers. For example, Germany produces sekt; Spain and France produces blanc de blancs; and Italy produces Asti Spumante.

The main grape varieties in “true” champagne are the red pinot noir and pinot meunier, and the white grape varietal used in making chardonnay. The most flavorful French Champagnes are created from Pinot Nior and chardonnay. In Germany, sekt is made from White Riesling grapes, which makes the champagne taste sweet.

According to purists, the best method of producing Champagne is methode champenoise, which is France's only method. Sometimes the American and Spanish wines also use the methode champenoise. This method demands a second fermentation in the bottle, as well as about 100 other operations! Purist also recommend Charmat bulk process. The least favored method is applying fizz to carbonated wines, as is commonly done in the United States.

The best sparkling wines are white. Champagne is best consumed while it is young or a yearling. In fact, some champagnes don't even record the date on the label.

Champagne is as interesting as it is tasty. This year, consider serving champagne after your Christmas dinner. At some point in the evening, make a point to raise your glass and share a few special words with your family and guests. You don't have to make a speech or get up from your chair, however, you may want to go the extra mile to show your flair for drama or sincere appreciation. Most important, you should let your friends know how much you appreciate their having shared the holiday with you. A couple of words, the clink of your flutes, and a heartwarming smile goes a long way.

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