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Thanksgiving Holiday Newsletter

Gobble Up this Thanksgiving in Style!

Company is coming over for the Thanksgiving feast, and is here to help you set your table with posh style. Whether you inviting a few people for an intimate, formal dinner or you are inviting the entire neighborhood for a casual Thanksgiving buffet— is here to help you serve up your best.

Expert Tabletop Suggestions's product specialist, Susan, has spent countless hours researching products and comparing prices to create three harmonious table settings for holiday entertaining. Let her suggestions help you express your personality through your tabletop.
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Your Thanksgiving Guide
* Month of November
* Thanksgiving Buffet Style
* Thanksgiving Wines
* Decorate your home with Figi's and Russ's Autumn candles
and wreaths
* Letter from the Writer
* Contact Us

November Table Setting of the Month by Spode
The perfect setting for the month of November! Thanksgiving and dinners that are full of cozy carbs and tummy warming dishes ask for dinnerware that will help celebrate the season. The colors of your table reflect those of the leaves outside; reds, oranges and browns.

Our November Table Setting takes all these aspects and dresses them up a bit for the holiday gatherings and special get togethers of the season. Using the classic Woodland Spode pattern, crystal clear goblets from Waterford, gold accented flatware from Yamazaki, and charming autumnal accents from Figi, this Table Setting is sure to hit a warm note.

We've picked table elements that we know look great together and set a beautiful table. Add some colorful gourds, leaves from outside and that fabulous food you made and your harvest festivities are sure to be a hit! All of the pieces included, except for the Waterford goblets, are dishwasher safe. You can even microwave the Woodland Spode for all your leftovers.

The set includes:
4 Five Piece Place Settings of Woodland Spode(Dinner plate 10", Salad plate 8", Cereal bowl 6.25", Teacup 7 oz. and Saucer)
4 Five Piece Place Settings of Yamazaki Cache Gold(Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Salad Fork, Soup Spoon, Dessert Spoon)
4 Waterford Lismore Tall Goblets
4 Autumn Napkin Rings from Figi
2 "Autumn Birdsong" Votive Holders from Figi


Casual Table Setting
If even the idea of having bone china and crystal goblets at your Thanksgiving dinner makes you wince, then consider having a casual table setting. Let's fact it, toddlers will playing with building blocks on the floor, kids will be chasing each other through the house, teenagers will be fighting and making up with their dates, and the grown ups will be telling dynamite stories that are filled with dramatic hand gestures. With you house buzzing like a bee hive, simplicity is probably best. This practical and comfortable table setting that begs for relaxation and vainglorious conversations.

To begin a casual look, use Denby's White for your china and serving pieces. With a pure and simple design, Denby White gives your table a cool, modern look. Clean silhouettes and soft, fine textures provide the perfect backdrop for your feast and create a refreshing, minimal settings. And, Denby White allows you to mix and match it other bold pieces, creating a dynamic and rich atmosphere. Denby White features everything that you will need—salad plates, coffee mugs, soup bowls, dessert plates, jugs, and teapots.

For cutlery, try Yamazaki Bellaire Ice. Sleek and stylish, this line of cutlery is easy to handle and perfectly balanced for ease and comfort. Each piece is made from the finest quality of 18/18 stainless steel to provide you with a lifetime of use. And, this set has an “Ice" or "Satin" finished handle with a bright finish.

Canaletto Goblets by Luigi Bormioli is an excellent choice for your glassware. Since a harmonious relationship should exist between the wine you serve and the glass you use, this set is perfect for Thanksgiving wines. Though you may have several different wines for dinner, most of them will probably be reds. Reds compliment the hearty, holiday dishes. Canaletto Goblets by Luigi Bormioli goblets are larger, enhancing the robust flavors and aromas of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Pinot Nior. And, the glasses have a rippling quality, which livens up the design. To be sure, this set is an enduring classic that makes a statement in traditional elegance.

Create an holiday ambiance by decorating your front door, entry way, mantle and table with Figi's Birdsong Autumn Collection. Figi's fall collection is sure to make your guests feel welcome as soon as they walk through your door and features everything to make your house a home. In sum, Figi's Autumn collection features Autumn Door Wreaths, bird themed salt and pepper shakers, votive holders, snack bowls, and bottle holders.

An Eclectic Table Setting
If you want a table setting that matches your vibrant personality, then you should consider creating an eclectic ambiance that brings the energy of Africa to your table. Rest assured, your dinner table setting doesn't have to look like your great, great grandmother's just because it is Thanksgiving. Instead, show off your creativity by having a table setting that adds colorful flair to your feast, not drabby browns. This eclectic package will have your guests loosing their belts, moving to the music, and toasting the season with bottles of velvety Pinot Niors.

To add a little warmth to your table, set it with Noritake's Safari Palm Tree China. The Safari collection features trims in a variety of colors (rosewood, green, blue and cream), so your china can coordinate with the colors of your dining room. Each piece features a palm tree in the center of the dish and displays clean lines for a dramatic presentation. Each line of Safari includes everything you need to set your table—pasta plates, accent plates, bowls, dinner plates, salad plates and mugs.

For your serving pieces, Luigi Bormioli allows you to set your dining table with elegance, tradition, functionality and practicality. Each piece by Luigi Bormioli is blown crystal glass. For example, the Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Cover not only properly stores your cake but also enhances its appeal. And, Michelangelo Masterpiece Oval Platter Set features three oval dishes in different sizes, allowing you to create a new look on your table. This set of oval dishes demonstrate clean lines and perfection in simplicity. Any of the serving pieces by Luigi Bormioli will compliment your Safari china.

Let's not forget about the cutlery. Slice into festivities using Godinger's Weave Flatware. This set of cutlery is a tad on the flamboyant side, adding more Safari charm to your tabletop. Each piece is plated in fine quality Godinger silver, giving them a remarkable shine. The Weave line features a weaving pattern that resembles lattice weaved wicker, and each piece is easy to handle. To complete the Safari look, add other pieces from Godinger's Weave Collection, such as the salt and pepper shakers, napkin rings, and serving pieces.

And, what is feast without wine? Raise your Palm Goblet by Godinger to toast the evening with your friends and family. These weighty glasses will make you and your guest feel like royalty, and each goblet features hand cut palms in 24% lead cut crystal. Best of all, they will add charm to your Safari theme.

Month of November
November was the ninth month of the early Roman calender, and the name of the month is derived from the “novem,” which means nine in Latin. In the Gregorian calender, it is the eleventh month and has thirty days. The Anglo-Saxons also called November the the the wind month and the blood month—perhaps because they killed so many animals for their winter meat. November is a time of abundance and appreciation; it is the time we celebrate Thanksgiving! November is sandwiched between autumn and winter. It is attuned to the metal element and is associated with the lungs. In north America, we celebrate the final harvest the fourth Thursday in the month. November is a good time for discernment, pulling inward, gathering together, studying, and planning for winter. November is also a time to focus on health, and it is an opportune time eat more astringent foods, as well as heartier flavor foods. In fact, small amounts of sour foods such as sauerkraut, olives, vinegar, and lemons stimulate the body to concentrate and begin contracting inward. November is both an excellent time to begin preparing for winter and to reflect on the bounty of the previous year.

Thanksgiving Buffet
Perhaps you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year and are a little frazzled about the best way to serve the meal. Depending on how many guests are going to show up and how elaborate you want to be, you may want to consider having a buffet. If you are expecting more than twelve guests, then having a buffet may be your best option. Buffets are more casual and allow for larger pot luck feasts. And, since your dining table isn't packed with the dishes, there is room on it for creative holiday décor. If you do decide to have a Thanksgiving buffet this year, these suggestions will help you keep your feast organized and flowing.

Clockwise: If your Thanksgiving table is round, mirror the feast on each half of the table. When you place the dishes in the exactly the same order on both sides of your table, your guests can comfortably move clockwise to the left.

Three Sided Buffet: This style of buffet uses of a rectangle table against a wall. Your guests should flow in one direction through the buffet. The benefit of the tree sided buffet is that you use only one dish for each course.

Whether you use the clockwise buffet or the three sided buffet, arrange the Thanksgiving feast in the following order:

1. Stack your dinner plates so that they will not topple over. Place them at the beginning of the buffet. A good rule of thumb: 12 plates per stack. However, depending on the plates, this rule varies. Napkins can also be stacked between the plates or wrapped around the flatware, which should be placed the at the end of the buffet.

2.The hot main courses should be offered first. For your hot main courses, use chafing dishes if you have them. To show off your prized turkey, consider using Russ's Harvest and Home Ceramic Turkey Platter. This platter has a turkey centered in the middle, and the outside of the plate is trimmed in thin lines. Clean and simple, this harvest platter will yield appreciation in your home for the fruits of the harvest.

3.Casseroles follow the hot, main courses. If you enjoy using practical Pyrex dishes but also want a dramatic presentation, then consider Arthur Court's 2 qt. Casserole with Pyrex Dish. The cast aluminum shell is embellished with grape bundles and leaves, while the vine design is crosshatched at the bottom, holding the Pyrex dish in place. The Pyrex dish removes for easy baking and cleaning.

4.Next, place the vegetables after the casseroles. A great choice for a vegetable dish is the Howard Cobalt Vegetable Dish by Royal Worcester. Once a favorite with aristocratic households in the 19th century, this clean pattern with a royal blue banding is accentuated with 22 carat gold—nice! Not only is it's appearance versatile enough to look great at a pot luck feast, but also it adds a touch of elegance to your buffet.

2.Salad, relish trays, olives and nuts should be offered towards the end of the buffet, along with the breads. Godinger's Harmony Crystal Olive Tray is a sleek piece that would add elegance to your buffet table while serving the last dishes.

3. Flatware should be offered last, so folks aren't burdened with it while they are making their plates. It is a good idea to wrap your flatware in folded dinner-size napkins, complete with a napkin ring. Russ's Ceramic Harvest and Home Napkin Rings not only keeps your flatware organized and handy, but it also sets the tone with for a harvest celebration. The colors of the Harvest and Home napkin rings reflect the glowing oranges and reds of fall.

4. Glassware and beverages should be placed along with coffee on a separate table so your guests may easily serve themselves. Having a coffee urn at your beverage table enriches your gathering by making coffee easily accessible. Consider the stylish coffee urn from the Burgundy Collection by Reed & Barton. It is bold and luxurious, complete with a chafing dish designed to warm coffee using an adjustable burner. This coffee urn has a twenty five cup capacity.

5.If you have several desserts that you are offering this Thanksgiving, another table should be used. If there are only a few desserts, then placing them on the same table as the beverages is perfectly fine. Arthur Court's Grape Buffet Plate is a dramatic three tier plate caddy that provides you with a distinguished way to showcase your homemade pies and cookies on the dessert table.

6.At some point in the evening, make a point to raise your glass and share a few special words with your guests. You don't have to make a speech or stand up from your chair, though you may want to go the extra mile. Most important, you should let your friends know how much you appreciate their having shared the evening with you. Hand made in Hungary, the King Louis Hock Wine Glasses by Godinger look so great that you will want to toast the evening away. This set of four will dramatically brighten any room and mood—they are just fun!

As a rule of thumb, do as much before Thanksgiving day as you possibly can. This will save you needed time and anxiety on the big day. For example, set up your table as much as you can on Thanksgiving eve. Also, make your cranberry sauces and the pies the day before your big feast.

Thanksgiving Wines

Regardless of the diversity of your Thanksgiving menu, you want wines to compliment the foods. A roasted turkey pairs nicely with Zinfandel wine, because the bird is loaded with herbs and stuffing, as well as being drizzled with gravy. Red Zinfandel is considered to be an American classic, though Zinfandel grapes originated in Italy. Zinfandels are spicy, peppery wines with a hint of a fruity flavor. Younger Zinfandels are more full bodied, while older Zinfandels are usually more mellow. For your wine glasses, try Riedel's "O" Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc tumblers . This glasses poignantly enhance the flavors of Zinfandels without the formalities of a stem.

Though rich, intense wines combine nicely with many of the hearty flavors of Thanksgiving, you may want to consider having several different wines. To be sure, a Thanksgiving feast includes a variety of dishes and tastes so having a large selection is wise. If your having an all-American Thanksgiving feast, then also consider serving a Beaujolais, Riesling, and Chardonnay. For a less fussy wine glass, try Riedel's Ouverture Red Wine Glasses . These glasses feature a basic shape that lends itself to all red wines.

With all of those guest over, don't forget to get Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover . Wine Away is a remarkable red wine stain remover formulated to remove most red wine stains from carpets and fabrics. Bleach free and non-toxic, Wine Away safely absorbs wine stains. If somebody has a spill, it won't ruin either the evening or your carpet.



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