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New Wild Republic Steve Irwin Action Adventure Toys and Autographed Plush Animals Available at

Monday, April 16 2007 @ 06:37 PM PDT

The late Steve Irwin’s passion for wildlife conservation lives on in the Steve Irwin Collectible Wildlife Adventure series from Wild Republic

Seattle WA -- ( today announced adding Wild Republic’s Steve Irwin Collectible Wildlife Adventure to the retailer’s online and walk-in store offerings.’s Steve Irwin collectible collection includes action figures, adventure playsets, plush toys and more. This collection by Wild Republic was approved by Steve Irwin and has been supported by his family since his passing. The Steve Irwin Collection is available on

Steve Irwin, the late Australian television star and wildlife conservationist known as "The Crocodile Hunter," dedicated his life to helping people fall in love with the world of animals. Aligned with Wild Republic's mission of nature conservation and education, Steve's beliefs and goals inspired Wild Republic to create a line of collectible products capturing the essence of Steve Irwin's work and vision. A portion of proceeds from Steve Irwin’s Collectible Wildlife Adventure will directly support Australia Zoo's conservation programs such as Endangered and Priority Species Breeding, Field Study, Habitat Acquisition, Animal Rescue and Wildlife Documentaries.

For crocodile fans, the Wild Republic Steve Irwin Autographed Plush Crocodile in both the 60" Giant and 36" Extra-Large size will deliver. Each feature Steve Irwin's embroidered signature on its belly.

Wild Republic’s Steve Irwin Eco-Expedition Australian Walkabout Moveable Action Set features a 3.5" action figure of Steve Irwin and nine Australian wild animals: Tasmanian Devil, Red Kangaroo, Emu, Platypus, Crocodile, Red-Bellied Black Snake, Koala, Wombat and Dingo. The Steve Irwin figure has moveable limbs and wears the famed explorer's iconic khaki shorts and shirt.

Wild Republic Choose Your Own Adventure Steve Irwin Talking Action Figure with Croc features actual voice recordings from Steve Irwin, a talking 9" Steve Irwin action figure and a “big ol' croc” for him to wrestle. Push any button and hear nine phrases in Steve Irwin's voice.

Wild Republic Steve Irwin Croc Pack – Large Exciting crocodile adventures await with this Wild Republic Steve Irwin 5" action figure and his six authentically detailed crocodile pals in a jumbo Nature Tube. The set includes a reusable, zippered 21" double-decker vinyl tube with convenient carrying handle.

Coming soon to will be the Steve Irwin Australian Paint & Play Set and the Steve Irwin Australian Tracker Toy. The Steve Irwin Australian Paint & Play Set features a Steve Irwin action figure and allows children to create their own color patterns to design original animals, or create lifelike replicas. Each set includes three animals (Crocodile, Kangaroo, and Koala), six paints, two brushes, and an action figure of Steve Irwin. The Steve Irwin Australian Tracker Toy Wild Republic brings exciting wildlife tracking home. This multifunctional toy uses lights and sounds to help children learn about wildlife as they help Steve track animals across Australia. A real working compass is included to assist in the journey.

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Tom Wolf
Ascend Public Relations


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